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Greg Kluempers

Greg Kluempers

Florissant, MO


I bought my first 35mm camera in 1970. Shortly after that I enrolled at Florissant Valley Community College to study art. I found the photography classes to very enjoyable. We studied composition and used photography to creatively express ourselves. At that time we were only working in black and white. In 1972 I participated in my first show with 10 other students. I continued to study photography and to take photos throughout the 70￿s, 80￿s and 90￿s. In 1999 I returned to Florissant Valley at night and in June, 2006 I received Associate in Fine Arts Degree ￿ Photography while working full time. Finally this fall I am retiring and I plan on spending much more time creating photographs.
Artist￿s Statement:
For a number of years I have been into what I call Abstract-Extraction (I compose then Extract part of an object/structure and to create an Abstract image). Many of my images are extractions from an old building, a distorted reflection, an architectural detail and the juxtaposition of adjoining buildings.
The last couple of years I find myself drawn to a Pictorialism Style using manipulation of typically ￿straight￿ photographic materials and create new, more expressive, painterly, altered interpretations as was a way of projecting an emotional intent into the viewer￿s realm of imagination. I do this in Photoshop using plug-ins, layers of textures, and blending them with various opacities into a finished image.
Special Accomplishments:
I have been a member of Art St. Louis for over 10 years and I regularly am selected 3 to 4 times a year for their juried shows. I was have been invited a number of times to participate in their offsite exhibits the latest being at the Des Peres hospital in St. Louis County.
Recently both of my images that I entered the St. Louis 250 Year Sheldon/Beacon photography competition were accepted - one of the pieces a black and white image of Union Station will be exhibited at the Sheldon and publish in the companion book project St. Louis at 250, the Sheldon Art Galleries/St. Louis Beacon Citywide Photo Contest.
I am a juried member of Greater St. Louis Artists Association and Best of Missouri Hands and I have been juried into a number of shows/fairs throughout the St. Louis Area including: Queeny Art Fair, Art Outside, Art and Air, Faust Park, Open Studio - the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum, Mosaics, St. Louis Artist Guild, 2008 Gallery St Louis, Soulard Art Gallery, Gateway Gallery, Florissant Valley CC, Mereamec CC, St. Charles CC, The Foundry in St. Charles and Framations Art Gallery.
￿You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.￿
￿ Ansel Adams

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Corn Clouds and Stuset Weldon Spring MO GRK8361_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Cloud Weldon Spring MO GRK8424_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers Columbia River Bottoms GRK8175_07092018 by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers Weldon Spring MO GRK8252_07142018 by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers Sunset Weldon Spring MO GRK8368_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers Sunset Weldon Spring MO GRK8311_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers Sunset Weldon Spring MO GRK8303_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers Sunset Weldon Spring MO GRK8266_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Sunflowers and Corn Sunset Weldon Spring MO GRK8321_07152018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Lower Falls Sunset Yellowstone Canyon GRK8004_05282018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Hot Spring Thermophiles Yellowstone NP GRK8043_05292018 by Greg Kluempers


Buffalo Mother and Calf Yellowstone GRK6623_05212018-2 by Greg Kluempers


Buffalo and Reflection Yellowstone NP GRK7719_05272018 by Greg Kluempers


Lower Falls Yellowstone Canyon GRK7936_05282018 by Greg Kluempers


Pond with Reflections Yellowstone_DSC2481_05242018 by Greg Kluempers


Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone NP_GRK7880_05282018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone NP_GRK7850_05282018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone NP_GRK7813_05282018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone NP_GRK7813_05282018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Lower Falls Yellowstone Canyon GRK7913_05282018 by Greg Kluempers


Lower Falls Yellowstone Canyon Brown Monotone_GRK7956_05282018 by Greg Kluempers


Gibbons Falls Yellowstone NP_GRK7601_05262018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Buffalo Crossing the Lamar River Yellowstone_Photo Painting_GRK7153_05242018 by Greg Kluempers


Special Ordering information by Greg Kluempers


Gallery Locations in the St. Louis Area by Greg Kluempers


Roosevelt Arch at Yellowstone DSC2522_05252018 by Greg Kluempers


Lookout Point Yellowstone Canyon_GRK7642_05272018-HDR by Greg Kluempers


Moose Yellowstone NP_GRK6918_05222018 by Greg Kluempers


Bull Moose Yellowstone NP_GRK6976_05222018 by Greg Kluempers


Black Bear Yellowstone NP_GRK7085_05222018 by Greg Kluempers


Castle Geyser Yellowstone NP Photo Painting_GRK7577_05262018 by Greg Kluempers


Pronghorn Antelope at Yellowstone NP_GRK6806_05222018 by Greg Kluempers


Buffalo with Cow Birds at Yellowstone_GRK6876_05222018 by Greg Kluempers


Buffalo at Yellowstone NP_GRK6664_05212018-2 by Greg Kluempers


Black Bear Cub at Yellowstone NP_GRK6560_05212018-2 by Greg Kluempers


Mama Black Bear at Yellowstone NP_GRK6523_05212018-2 by Greg Kluempers


Sand Dunes National Park BnW IMG_8057 by Greg Kluempers


White Dogwood Missouri Botanical Garden BnW DSC01739 by Greg Kluempers


Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse Sunset NC Sepia IMG_3952-20101231 by Greg Kluempers


Katy Railroad Depot Sedalia MO BnW DSC02093-2015 by Greg Kluempers


Sod Farm Barn House Springs MO color 7R2_DSC5956_20180412 by Greg Kluempers


Johnson Shut Ins bnw DSC02888-2015 by Greg Kluempers


Eads Bridge St Louis Missouri BnW 7R2_DSC9400_06182017 by Greg Kluempers


Alley Spring and Mill Ozark National Scenic Riverways BnW DSC02692 by Greg Kluempers


Bolivar Point Lighthouse with Clouds Color DSC02923 by Greg Kluempers


Bolivar Point Lighthouse with Clouds BnW DSC02923 by Greg Kluempers


Old Mill Cedar Hill MO 7R2_DSC5862_20180412 by Greg Kluempers


Sunrise Nukolii Beach Kauai Hawaii 7R2_DSC4497_01112018 by Greg Kluempers